What would you give up for the chance to go anywhere in the world, anytime you wanted?

What would you give up for the chance to go anywhere in the world, anytime you wanted?

When Ava Marley stumbles upon the mysterious Atlas Hotel on a remote beach in Zanzibar, she’s already on the run. Her estranged father wants her to join the family’s global coffee-shop empire, but she would rather scrub toilets than follow in his footsteps. So, when innkeeper Bruno di Mare offers free lodging for honest labour, it doesn’t take Ava long to agree.

Only the Atlas is no ordinary hotel – it’s a portal to the world. In a matter of seconds, Bruno’s guests can travel the entire globe as long as they return within twenty-four hours. Croissants for breakfast in Paris, lunch with elephants in the Okavango Delta, a sunset cruise on the Amazon, finished off with a rooftop dinner in Cappadocia – the Atlas makes it all happen in a day, and Ava gets sucked in like a drop of water into sand.

But entry comes at a bitter price – one the innkeeper reveals only after she has checked in. And now Ava, like all other guests, must make a choice: Will she leave her mark on the world or keep running forever?

The Anywhere Hotel is a heady adventure with a dash of magic and lots of heart that will appeal to fans of The Midnight Library and The Keeper Of Lost Things. 

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