Welcome to my Rewilding Library. This is a curated collection of books that have been instrumental in my personal journey back to the wild.

Embarking on a rewilding-journey transforms our connection to the natural world, aligns us with the rhythmic cycles of the earth, and deepens our intuition. This library is a treasure trove of knowledge from authors I love. Each book on this list aims to offer insights into topics such as: connecting with nature, manifesting with the moon’s phases, or learning to listen and trust our intuition. I’ve also included a couple of works that have a more scientific approach or tackle current problems such as the climate crisis. Each book in this collection has been carefully selected for its ability to inspire, educate, and guide you on your own path to rewilding.

As we move through ‘my rewilding year’ as part of my podcast ‘The Earthy Writer’, this library will continue to grow, reflecting my ongoing exploration and the expanding horizons of rewilding practices. Whether you’re a seasoned nature enthusiast or just beginning to explore the wilderness of your own being yourself, I hope these books will serve as companions and guides on your journey. From ancient wisdom to modern practices, my little library of rewilding books is designed to support and inspire a deeper connection to the natural world and your untamed self.

Please note: This page contains affiliate links. By purchasing books through this rewilding library, you’re supporting my work at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support as we journey together towards a more wild and connected life.