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The Age Of Elephants:
  • Access to a password-protected secret Elephant Page for group members only

  • Elephant Art: A collection of my best elephant photographs in high resolution for printing or use as your desktop & phone background.

  • Elephant Slow TV: Research shows watching nature scenes on screen lowers anxiety and fosters calm. I invite you to spend some time with elephants, filmed by me in the Okavango Delta.

  • My "The Age Of Elephants"-writing playlist on Spotify

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The Ever After Diary:
  • Gisele’s Field Notes: A 3-week-travel guide with pictures & behind-the-scenes-anecdotes from the research trip, so you can travel the UK in Will’s footsteps. 

  • “The Forager’s Kitchen”: A digital cookbook with 35 pages of Will’s favourite recipes from the book, including the silver wedding feast. 

  • My "Ever After Diary"-writing playlist on Spotify

The Anywhere Hotel:
  • Free Novella: "How Captain found the Anywhere Hotel", a heart-warming tale of friendship and second chances featuring the beloved hotel-dog (best enjoyed after reading the novel)

  • Exclusive access to a 60-min "slow TV" ambient video of the cosy Anywhere Hotel living room (great to put on while reading, studying or working)

  • My "Anywhere" writing playlist on Spotify